How It Works

The Recruiting Manager

The recruiting manager uploads the best two to three candidates other than the selected candidate from the final round of interviews. Now the hiring manager sits back and relaxes. If the referred candidate is selected by another Finalist company, they are compensated.

Hiring Manager

For the hiring manager, the process is just as simple. They submit the type of job and candidate that they are looking for. We do the rest by matching candidates that have made it to the final cut for similar positions at similar companies. If the hiring manager has further questions about the candidate, they can submit them and they will be answered.


As the candidate, the involvement with Finalist is as simple as opting in. The candidate then has the option to fill in additional information but is not obligated to. We will communicate with the candidate frequently to make sure they are still actively searching. Other than that, the system does the rest to match them with highly coveted jobs for which they are an excellent fit.