Finalist Integration with Greenhouse Goes Live

It just got even easier for companies to get up and running with Finalist.

As part of our push to make Finalist a seamless part of the way in-house recruiters do their jobs, we’ve partnered with Greenhouse to integrate with their platform.

“At Finalist, we’re excited to be able to work with Greenhouse to bring our platform to even more recruiters looking for vetted, high-caliber candidates in today’s competitive job market,” says Finalist co-founder Noriaki Tatsumi. “This integration will make the process of using Finalist even more efficient for our busy clients.”

The integration is now available in the Greenhouse marketplace. While Greenhouse provides end-to-end streamlining of the application and interview processes, Finalist focuses on helping companies find the best active pre-vetted candidates and to ensure a soft landing to those who’ve made it through the final rounds of interviews for a role.

By using Finalist, recruiters can avoid outright rejecting silver medalist candidates, instead referring them to the Finalist network where our AI matches the candidates to similar roles at other companies within the network. When the candidate is hired, Finalist and the referring company split a placement fee offsetting recruiting costs with real revenue.

“We’re continually looking for new ways to make using Finalist as effortless as possible for our clients,” Tatsumi says.

Greenhouse users who want to learn more about Finalist or how to integrate it into their systems can reach out to

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