About Finalist

Finalist was conceptualized from the struggles of its founders trying to find the right people, at the right time, for the right job. As friends, we helped each other out when we found a good candidate, we made introductions, and the candidate and hiring manager won. Of course, as the introducing manager we felt good about helping a friend but that was the extent of our satisfaction. We trust each other in terms of ability and judgment so we knew the referral was going to be great. Not only did the candidate usually shine, the time it took to find him was significantly quicker and the cost of finding him was significantly cheaper. “We asked ourselves how do we institutionalize this process so the economic benefit can be spread across all parties while expanding the scope of our network of friends to like companies of the same caliber looking for similar candidates?” The answer was Finalist! We thought there was a more efficient way and that’s what we built.

Meet the Team

Richard Fay

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Co-founder & CEO

Michael Sadicario

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Co-founder & COO

Nori Tatsumi

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Co-founder & CTO

Beth Braverman

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Director of Content